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The Six Worst Presidential Haircuts of All Time

“Mirror?  What’s that?”

~These Six Presidents

presidential seal

We talk about presidents a lot on this website, which now that we say it out loud shouldn’t be all that surprising for a website called America Fun Fact of the Day. We tend to judge our history through the wars we fight and the men who lead us, so naturally the only patriotic thing to do is to document that history with articles about the goofiest pictures of American presidents, or about how drunk they get.

Okay so maybe we’re not writing the most important articles about our past.  Or maybe we are.

We’re definitely not.

Here are the six American presidents who had the worst hairstyles of all time. We regret nothing.

The Six Worst Presidential Haircuts of All Time

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America Fun Fact of the Day 9/25- September 25th in American History

“It’s Sunday, Sunday, heroin between your toes.”

~Rebecca Black

Sundays are the day of rest, where we sit back, start day drinking at nine in the morning, and sometimes drive places.  And while our staff members are considering how to tell their wives about the public intoxication ticket they were served the previous night, we here at AFFotD are once again here to present you with…

Today’s Date in American History (American Edition)

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