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This Week In Beer: November 12th Edition

“How many beers must a man down, before you can call him a man?”

~Bob Dylan

this week in beer

A wise man once said, “Shut up I don’t care if you ran out of introductions to do for this weekly beer news gimmick, just have one of the interns jot down a random sentence once he’s done with his AFFotD sanctioned cage match.  You can tell him I made you do it, me, Johnny Roosevelt, editor-in-chief of America Fun Fact of the Day.”  We’re pretty sure it was Ghandi, but the real quotation attribution has been lost to time.  Anyway, beer time.

This Week In Beer:  November 12th Edition

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The American States Of America: The Most American Qualities Of Every State (Part 2 of 10)

“Can’t we just say every state’s most American trait is their ability to get shitcanned drunk?  This is a lot of work, you guys.”

~AFFotD’s Article Transcriber

 america states of america


As we discussed in our first “American States of America” segment, America is the greatest country on Earth, and a large reason for that is that each and every individual state has uniquely American qualities and traits.  From Delaware’s beer to Connecticut’s Hamburger inventing, we went through the first five states of the union, in order of their admission, as the beginning of a ten part series going through every state and telling you why exactly they are awesome.

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America Fun Fact of the Day 2/26/2011- America Can Totally Jump Over a Car

“Hell yes I can jump over a car”
45% of America

Look at you, America.  You’re glorious.  When Blake Griffin won the slam dunk contest by jumping over a (unfortunately foreign made) car, the good old folks at ESPN decided to ask the question everyone was asking.  Could you, average American Joe, do the same thing as a 6 foot 10 inch tall professional athlete?  Well, 45% of us, or the 45% most American Americans out there, hear that question and think, “Hell, we’d jump over the damn roof.”

And look at Idaho, Delaware, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island over there.  A majority of the Americans there think they can jump over the hood of a goddamn car.  And there’s something damn special about that.

So America, as you go about your day, look at the nearest car, and at least allow yourself a moment to think….can I jump that fucker?  Because once you blindly assume you can, even when you can’t, then you’ll know you’re truly American.