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The weekends are long (read as: drunk) and busy (read as: drunk) so we take a day from lengthy fun facts every Saturday to show you an image that is amazing and American.

America Fun Fact of the Day 1/28- Saturday Image of the Week

“Shit’s gonna get real.”

~Johnny Roosevelt

Get ready for the mind explosion, everyone.  This is the last Saturday Image of the Week you will ever see.  We know.  Life changing.  Terrifying.  Etc.  It’s change, and Americans fear change.  But there will be a discussion of the changes to the site tomorrow.

This is our 365th post in 365 days.  That might not seem impressive, and in order to keep up the pretense of the fake size of our staff, we’ll pretend it’s no big deal.  But it is.  365.  One a day.  Every day.  Rain or shine.  Holiday or vacation.  Only one way to really celebrate that.  And it’s the proper way to close out this segment.  Because.  Well.


Mic drop.

America Fun Fact of the Day 1/22- Another Image of the Week

“Sure it’s Sunday, I don’t care.”

~Johnny Roosevelt

Sure we did an image of the week yesterday.  Fair warning, we’re coming up on the one year mark of this site, and there will be some changes.  Yes, quake with fear.  Anyway, here’s another image.  Only in this case, it’s a screen shot from Wikipedia.  But it’s what WE created.  Re-read our “best Civil War facial hair” post, and look under Samuel Carroll.  And behold the power of AFFotD.*

*Note- AFFotD was in no way involved in this Wikipedia update.  Seriously.

America Fun Fact of the Day 1/21- Saturday Image of the Week

“Jon, you’re the best.”

~AFFotD Editor-in-Chief Johnny Roosevelt

We don’t often salute our staff.  Or at least, not nearly enough.  So here, Jon, take our image of the week.

Yes.  Well done.  Have a great weekend, everybody.

America Fun Fact of the Day 1/14- Saturday Image of the Week

“What he said.”

~Johnny Roosevelt

This Saturday, while we know you’re going to spend most of your day lounging on your couch, slowly getting drunk while watching the NFL playoffs, we’ll leave you with this image of the week (well, .gif actually) that will hopefully at least motivate you to get what you need to get done tonight.  And by that, we mean, we urge you to go and get shitty.  Tell ’em, Teddy.

Have a great weekend, everyone.  Time to get shit done.

America Fun Fact of the Day 1/7- January 7th in American History

“Heh.  Fatty.”

~You, you judgemental asshole

It’s Saturday, it’s winter.  So we’re going to post a random picture.  But we’re going to do one that makes you feel warm.  Oh and it’ll also emphasize how America has a lot of skinny women in skimpy clothing, but even more comically fat people.

Have a great weekend, everyone.

America Fun Fact of the Day 12/31- It’s New Years Eve, Here’s a Picture of a Gun

“10!  9!  8!  7!  6!  Math is hard!  1!  HAPPY NEW YEAR!”

~You, tonight

It’s New Years Eve.  What are you doing reading this sober?  Thanks to AFFotD reader Mark for sending us this picture.

Have a great 2012 everyone.  Those fucking Mayans.

America Fun Fact of the Day 12/24- Saturday Image of the Week

“Make it about Santa, you bastards!”

~People Who Like Christmas

“There are other holidays too, you guys!”

~Ugh, Seriously You Guys?

We’re not going to do that bullshit “Happy Holidays” thing.  Tomorrow is Christmas.  That’s exciting.

Anyway, here’s a picture for Christmas…and hey, since it’s Hanukkah/Chanukah/spelling is overrated, we’ll put a picture of that too.

That’s right folks.  A DOUBLE Image of the week.  Merry Christmas.

America Fun Fact of the Day 12/17- Saturday Image of the Week

“Keep on reaching, little guy.”

~Yes.  Keep on reaching.

Every Saturday we tend to half-ass and piece together an article with a picture slapped on it, because it’s Saturday and we treat Fridays like Americans should- by getting mindlessly drunk and possibly threatening to punch a fucker in the face.  (Yeah we’re talking to you.  You know who you are.  Come at us, bro.  Come at us.)

But every once and a while we take a moment to salute the future, because we all know that eventually, our future Americans will be just as American as us.  Here is one of those moments.

Have a great weekend, everybody.

America Fun Fact of the Day 12/10- Saturday Image of the Week

“Kids get hits, right?”

~Nielson, fools

So while fewer people meander the web on a Saturday, we at AFFotD try to find an image that even the laziest American can appreciate on a Saturday.  Unfortunately, we haven’t found that.  Instead, here are some kids.

Fuck.  Yes.

Have a good weekend, everybody

America Fun Fact of the Day 12/3- Saturday Image of the Week



Happy Saturday everyone.  Prepare to be freaked the fuck out by an insect large enough to eat a whole carrot.


Have a good weekend, everybody.