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America Fun Fact of the Day 1/22- Another Image of the Week

“Sure it’s Sunday, I don’t care.”

~Johnny Roosevelt

Sure we did an image of the week yesterday.  Fair warning, we’re coming up on the one year mark of this site, and there will be some changes.  Yes, quake with fear.  Anyway, here’s another image.  Only in this case, it’s a screen shot from Wikipedia.  But it’s what WE created.  Re-read our “best Civil War facial hair” post, and look under Samuel Carroll.  And behold the power of AFFotD.*

*Note- AFFotD was in no way involved in this Wikipedia update.  Seriously.

The Civil War’s Most Glorious Mustaches

“Prrrrfftt plabber prrrftt sorry my glorious mustache was in my mouth, you see.”

~Ambrose Burnside

Every great war leaves behind a cultural legacy.  The Vietnam War spurned on counter-culture and PTSD.  World War II developed and hardened the so-called “Greatest Generation.”  The Korean War led to M*A*S*H*.  The impact of these conflicts have been scorched into our memory, making irreplaceable connections in our minds.  So, while we were riffling through the Smithsonian website looking for blueprints (we heard they have the Fonzie’s jacket there, and we fucking want it) we stumbled across this little item regarding the Civil War.  Because, when you think of the Civil War, clearly the one thing you associate with it is slavery glorious facial hair.

We were going to do a fun fact on the importance of office safety, ever since we had to send [REDACTED] to the hospital when he started shouting, “GONZO JOURNALISM” and licking our supply of poison arrow frogs, but really, we figure this is more important.  So, let’s rate some facial hair, everyone.

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