America Fun Fact of the Day 2/26/2011- America Can Totally Jump Over a Car

“Hell yes I can jump over a car”
45% of America

Look at you, America.  You’re glorious.  When Blake Griffin won the slam dunk contest by jumping over a (unfortunately foreign made) car, the good old folks at ESPN decided to ask the question everyone was asking.  Could you, average American Joe, do the same thing as a 6 foot 10 inch tall professional athlete?  Well, 45% of us, or the 45% most American Americans out there, hear that question and think, “Hell, we’d jump over the damn roof.”

And look at Idaho, Delaware, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island over there.  A majority of the Americans there think they can jump over the hood of a goddamn car.  And there’s something damn special about that.

So America, as you go about your day, look at the nearest car, and at least allow yourself a moment to think….can I jump that fucker?  Because once you blindly assume you can, even when you can’t, then you’ll know you’re truly American.

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