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AFFotD’s When Vigilantism Goes Awesome Part 2

“This is like, the plot of that movie ‘Kick-Ass’ right?”

~You, the Reader

As stated previously, vigilantism is a ethically “ambiguous” and “can cause more harm than more good” and “blah blah bring me pictures of Peter Parker” we get it.  We don’t want to quibble in semantics.  That’s for the next fun fact regarding American vigilantism when someone was legit straight up murdered.  But forget about that heavy shit, today, we’re going to continue AFFotD’s When Vigilantism Goes Awesome with…

Superheroes?  More like Super…uh…That-sounds-fuckingAwesome…oes.

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Chewing Gum, Surprisingly American, Reliably Delicious

“Chewing gum is a lot like heroin, since both are incredibly enjoyable.”

~William S. Burroughs

 Chewing gum is an enigmatic American invention.  While it combines ancient history, American ingenuity, and tooth decay, it is not considered to be as awesomely American as alligator wrestling or cage matches (or any combination of the two).  But, in reality, chewing gum is an underappreciated yet surprisingly American commodity.

First, ask yourself a question.  Who makes chewing gum?  Wrigley’s of course.  And where do the Chicago Cubs, America’s most American loveable losers play?  Wrigley Field.

Did you know:  Those two are named after the same fucking guy.

Once you pick up the pieces of your exploded cranium, the America Fun Fact of the Day presents to you…

Chewing Gum:  More American than your immigrant grandparents

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