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AFFotD’s When Vigilantism Goes Awesome Part 3


~Skidmore, Missouri

As we’ve been saying all week, vigilantism has been used both for good and evil throughout American History.  We’ve of course been focusing on the positives, like actual superheroes and people messing with bigots, but now we’re delving into territory that some might disagree with.  So, we will have a disclaimer- we are about to describe events that occurred in real life, and led to someone’s death.  We do not condone this course of action, and urge all of you to behave responsibly and within the law when met with similar extreme circumstances.  Wink.

Do not try this totally badass thing at home

So with that in mind we’re going to bring to you, in the final chapter of AFFotD’s When Vigilantism Goes Awesome

Ken McElroy Died in a Way to Ensure He’d Be Forever Enshrined as a Douchebag

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AFFotD’s When Vigilantism Goes Awesome Part 2

“This is like, the plot of that movie ‘Kick-Ass’ right?”

~You, the Reader

As stated previously, vigilantism is a ethically “ambiguous” and “can cause more harm than more good” and “blah blah bring me pictures of Peter Parker” we get it.  We don’t want to quibble in semantics.  That’s for the next fun fact regarding American vigilantism when someone was legit straight up murdered.  But forget about that heavy shit, today, we’re going to continue AFFotD’s When Vigilantism Goes Awesome with…

Superheroes?  More like Super…uh…That-sounds-fuckingAwesome…oes.

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AFFotD’s When Vigilantism Goes Awesome Part 1

“Well, no that’s the BAD kind of vigilante justice.  This is the GOOD kind of vigilante justice…”

~AFFotD’s PR director in response to comments today’s fun fact will receive

Okay, so we at AFFotD are obligated to say that this article, which we will tell you right off the bat is about great moments in American vigilantism history, is in no way an endorsement of vigilantism, and that laws and regulations are in place for a reason, and it is a slippery slope when you go outside the law to enact vengeance.  We do not condone acts of vigilantism, and point out that the consequences are real, and many people have suffered unduly because of misguided vigilante zeal that we feel is irresponsible, and ultimately damaging to a society of law and order.


This is what irresponsibility looks like.  You wouldn’t want to look that cool, right?

Justice is an imperfect monster in society.  Humanity has flaws, and those flaws sometimes lead to punishment being wrongfully meted out.  And yes, there have been instances of Leo Frank sized injustices at the hands of a vigilante public, but a fair amount of death row inmates have been equally guilty and equally punished by the justice system.  So we’re not here to quibble in the nuances and ethical complexities of vigilante justice.  We’re just here to tell you about times when it gets fucking awesome.

Ha Haaaa!

Here is part one of AFFotD’s When Vigilantism Goes Awesome.

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