Goddamn it, Japan, You’re Doing It Wrong: Japanese Doritos

“What…what is…happening?”

~An American Stoner in Japan

Japan is terrifying.  We’ve said this before, but it bears repeating. Japan is terrifying.  Japan is like that one friend you have that goes out of his way to say things that will gross everyone out, only that friend is really good at it, and he does a lot of stuff with poop.  We’ll admit that Japan admires American culture, in the sense that they see our products like Pepsi and Kit Kats and decide to just get weird with them.

AFFotD has made it a point to keep you, the public, informed of such terrifying food antics by the nation of Japan, which is why we’re here to continue our look inside Japanese junk food with…

Goddamn it, Japan, You’re Doing It Wrong:  Japanese Doritos

Doritos were first produced by Frito-Lay in 1964 to be sold at Disneyland, and were the first nationally sold brand of tortilla chips.  While the first Doritos were considered too “bland,” the release of taco-flavored Doritos in 1968, and the subsequent release of nacho cheese-flavored Doritos in 1972 helped establish Doritos and a delicious and acceptable product to put in a bowl during a Super Bowl party.

Of course, while Americans look at Doritos and see the ingenuity of a billion dollar company ripping off another country’s cuisine to make an easy profit, Japan sees an opportunity to draw two men in full-body condoms groping each other.

While America is content with delicious flavors like “Nacho” and “Cool Ranch” and “Seriously, No One Buys Any Flavor Other Than Nacho And Cool Ranch,” Japan has to go and assault our cheerful dispositions with these corn chip-based monstrosities.

Wasabi Mayo

The reason why we have condiments is so that we never have to flavor things after condiments.  You don’t eat things that are ketchup flavored or mustard flavored, because if you want something to taste like that you put ketchup or mustard on it!  This is not that difficult of a concept!

Of course, since the Japanese language has thirty-three words for “tentacle” and none for “normalcy” they decided to flavor their Doritos like mayo…and add wasabi for the hell of it, probably because they like to watch AFFotD dance around that line of “making fun of Japanese stereotypes” and “written hate crime.”

We’re not saying we’re surprised that Japan decided to make a flavor of Doritos that combined the condiment that most looks like semen with the green powder they use to make sushi spicy, we’re just saying that we’re disappointed.

Hey, speaking of dick jokes.



Sometimes we can’t really put our finger on Japan.  You get the impression they do some of these things with an almost childish naiveté.  When they make a “sausage” flavored Dorito, you almost think, “Oh, that’s adorable, they don’t realize how hilarious that is, because as weird as it is to flavor a chip like a sausage, they’re just teeing us up for an easy dick joke.”

But then you think about how popular train-groping is there, you realize that they’ve combined rape and octopuses in art since the 19th century, and you stumble across a few of those porn videos where the genitals are fuzzed out like a perp on Cops for some reason before realizing that they probably knew exactly what they were doing when they made a sausage Dorito.


Japan isn’t even willing to admit when a plain-flavored chip is plain-flavored.  Saying that a chip is “Salt” flavored is like telling everyone you hosted a party that had one guest, including yourself.  Salty Doritos are the saddest chips we’ve ever heard of—if these chips ever gained were brought to close to a Japanese leaky nuclear reactor and somehow mutated into a living, breathing person, they’d be asthmatic and overweight with a comb-over and really bad people skills.

Basically, we’re saying that these chips are the “Internet comment writers who still live in their mother’s basement” of the junk food world.

Cheese and Almond

Okay, so what’s with the beers randomly appearing on Japanese Dorito bags?  We saw it with the sausage (heh) but here it is again with the rather-unwholesome-sounding flavor combination of Doritos, unspecified-cheese, and almonds.  Listen, Japan, if you’re flavoring your chips like beer, just go ahead and tell us, we will do whatever we can to eat them, but if you’re just putting a stemmed glass of frothy beer there because you think that’s somehow “gourmet.”

Speaking of that, what is it with Doritos randomly putting words in English with everything else being in Japanese?  Listen, “Doritos Gourmet” is not a brand in America or anywhere outside of Japan, as far as we can tell, is there a reason why you can’t just use the Japanese letters for “Gourmet”?

Are you worried that Western customers aren’t going to buy your product if they don’t know it’s one of the illustrious “Gourmet” branded Doritos, responsible for chips that taste like mayonnaise wasabi or unexplained-form-of-sausage?

Anyway, this is supposed to taste like cheese and almonds, and that sounds just horrible.

Sesame Chicken

Listen, we can crack the code for “determining if a Doritos flavor works” for you.  It’s not that hard.  All you do is ask yourself “would this taste good if I put it on a tortilla chip.”  Boom, if the answer is yes, you turn it into a Doritos flavor.

Yes, that secret is worth millions to Doritos R&D department, but seriously this shit isn’t rocket science.  “Hey, have you ever put taco ingredients on top of nachos?  You did?  It tasted good?  Okay, taco flavor then.”  “Does nacho cheese taste good on nachos?  It does?  Okay, Nacho cheese Doritos.”

The only thing that doesn’t really adhere to that criteria is Cool Ranch, but Cool Ranch gets to take advantage of the little known “In America, if you flavor anything like Ranch dressing, it will taste good” loophole.

Okay, seriously, just to drive this point home, we’ll just list off a series of lesser-known Doritos flavors that are sold here in the States, taken straight from the Doritos website.  Salsa verde.  Spicy sweet chili.  Enchilada supreme.

All of these are things that would not look out of place on tortilla chips.  Hell, we can make up a Doritos flavor right now that isn’t being made, and can guarantee it’d be delicious.  Mango salsa.  A little spicy, a little sweet, you’re welcome Frito-Lay, we just made you millions.  And that took all of five seconds to come up with.  Again, this isn’t that difficult.

Except for Japan.  Because Japan happens to think that people would want to put sesame chicken on top of a tortilla chip.  Because Japan is fucking gross.  And they’re doing it wrong.  Goddamn it are they doing it wrong.

Butter and Soy Sauce

They added corn to this picture of a butter and soy sauce flavored Doritos as if that’d somehow make it taste better, but really all that they’re reminding us is that Doritos are made of corn, and putting soy sauce and butter on a cob of corn makes about sense as ever combining soy sauce and butter because that sounds legitimately horrible.  Why would you do that to your mouth?  Why?  We honestly want to know!

Tuna Mayo


Okay, we can’t keep doing this.  We’re going to be sick if we keep up at this.  Tuna mayo Doritos?  Really Japan?  Goddamn you.  Goddamn you so hard.


19 responses to “Goddamn it, Japan, You’re Doing It Wrong: Japanese Doritos

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  3. Man, this post is wrong on so many levels. I personally agree with Chelsea Handler’s assessment that Doritos were invented to get you out of awkward social situations by leaving your mouth smelling like a dumpster. But seriously, if you guys had only experienced “denki anma” (it’s written in Japanese katakana script on the first Doritos bag) in your own lives, you would have been so overcome with such a profound hilarity it would have left you unable to complete the rest of the post. “Denki anma” is so bizarrely Japanese that it defies explanation, but here is an attempt. It was a form of schoolyard torture about 30 years ago. Prepubescent boys would perpetrate this torture on each other by grabbing another boys legs, jamming their foot on their crotch and then jiggling their foot vigorously to create discomfort while perhaps eliciting a hearty laugh from the “Denki anma-ee.” In my experience, the practice was rarely, if ever used on females, because what would be the point?

    P. S. Are you looking for a writer?

  4. Thank you, Aaron H., for bringing knowledge to the topic of Denki-amma.

    Another topic that needs to be talked about is how Japan is “terrifying.” Well, have you, the author, ever BEEN to Japan? Granted, I’ve only gone for three weeks, but you may not have even been there! Japan is a beautiful, fun, exciting place to be. I stayed in the Fukuoka Prefecture; Tokyo is quite different but I hear it’s still a fun place to see. It’s quite clean (you won’t find litter on the ground), it’s relatively safe (cops watch every block in the cities, the food is heavenly (and the portions are big!!), and there is so much to do between the arcades and the karaoke rooms!
    I’ve been depressed since I left Japan because, when I landed in America, I was hit by culture shock- yes, culture shock from my own country. America looks dirty, especially public restrooms, feels VERY unsafe at times, and is quite boring (New England) unless you’re ready to dish out cash in major states, cities, or amusement parks. That means travel AND a ridiculous amount of money being spent. I spent less in Japan than I NORMALLY do in America.
    That shit-burger from Japan? Absolutely fake but America has an issue with posting false stories without really figuring out if it’s real. There is CHINESE Kanji (as in meaning is totally in Chinese), they wouldn’t have written “shit burger”, I can go on and on, but that can be a whole different conversation.
    Japan is also not as “America obsessed” as one would think. I barely talked about it and I’d only met three Americans at the language school I attended out of 40-50. Nothing really screamed “America” when I was in Japan.
    Go visit Japan yourself and see how “scary” it is; but go with a completely open mind and forget what you “know about Japan” through shady sites and obscure references. It will show you why I say, “Damnit, America, wake up and be a culture and a society again.”

  5. americansucamalakacurva

    Well I would just like to say that the american nation is a disgrace to itself , you always talk about being the greatest nation in the world but arent you made up of every other nation in the world 90% of white americans are 1/16 something or the other, so making rude and idiotic post about other cultures that most probably run in your blood line cause your great granny liked some unagi in her fur burger is pretty idiotic if you ask most people.
    Besides you make fun of japan, russia, korea, china because the have a different culture the you? Really? If we take these cultures out america then america has no culture, only thing that is america are natives and thats about it, so until you develop culture and a little bit more mentality stop pointing a finger and look at yourself and your wanna be nation

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  9. what the hell is wrong with people? complaining about “not understanding japan”? they have SAUSAGE FLAVORED DORITOS. i cracked up so many times reading this, i have no idea why they’re so butthurt.

  10. please don’t call yourself an american and talk like an asshole.. that’s literally why america has a bad rep for being so ignorant.

  11. I think you sound slightly like an asshole…but so does everyone else, and im not butthurt by it because its funny as hell and I enjoyed it so…oh well

    plus your sass is amazing

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  14. I am guessing you are an idiot who has never tasted butter and soy sauce since you deemed it horrible. I mean how is salty and buttery a bad thing? Plus soy sauce brings more savory essence to the salty taste as well. I fail to see how, had you tasted this, you could think it is horrible. But then I am guessing you are a ridiculous asshole of a typical American who thinks anything they are not familiar with is weird or wrong.

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