Discontinued Doritos Flavors Too Beautiful For This World

“Why can’t I have you?  But I need you so.”

~American Taste Buds

doritos blazin jalapeno

Doritos are one of the better snack gifts we’ve given to the world.  Since 1964, when we first decided that we could probably get rid of our leftover tortillas by cutting them into triangles, frying them, and smothering them with fake cheese, Doritos has been there for every Super Bowl party and for every 2:30 AM stoned 7-Eleven run.

Even when Japan tried ruining Doritos, which came as a surprise to no one, they forever stood out as delicious, cheesy (or cool-ranchy) ways to get saturated fats into our bodies and flavor powder permanently tattooed onto our fingertips.

Japanese meddling notwithstanding, Doritos has never been content to stand by with just a handful of flavors.  In fact, they’ve released nearly a hundred different flavors throughout the years.  And despite the existence of “ketchup” or “sonic sour cream” flavors on that lengthy list of Doritos flavors that have been released and then rightfully vanquished to that warehouse where they put the Ark of the Covenant, some of these flavors actually sound delicious.  But they’re gone.  No matter how much we want to try them, we never can.

Here are some delicious Doritos flavors that the Frito-Lay company foolishly decided were mistakes.

Discontinued Doritos Flavors Too Beautiful For This World

 locos on doritos on locos

Before you worry, no, the Doritos Locos Tacos flavored Doritos are not on this list.  That’s some meta bullshit Frito-Lays released to capitalize on the craze born from Taco Bell’s “as disgusting as this is it’s actually kind of great” awkward conversation thrust upon the world known as the Taco Bell Doritos Locos.  This is a stupid flavor, and they knew it was stupid when they released it, but they wanted to see how many of us were stupid and wanted to buy this stupid thing.  Stupid stupid stupid.

These next Doritos flavors, however, were not stupid.  They were smart.  Smart and sexy.  Smart and sexy and we want them and are sad that we can’t.  Bring them back, Doritos!  That website with the grizzly bear in the logo demands it of you!

3D’s Jalapeño & Cheddar

doritos 3d

Welcome to the most Buzzfeed-baiting entry in this article.  The Doritos 3D’s line of snacks, which can best be described as “Doritos-meets-Bugles,” was so 90’s we don’t even have to make a joke about it, we can just link you to the youtube video of the actual Doritos 3D commercial where Ali Landry does flips in a Laundromat while Sean Hayes from Will and Grace watches, dumbfounded.

Seriously, the only way that Doritos 3D’s could be any more 90’s is if each bag came with a set of pogs, with slammers that alternated between playing “Who Let the Dogs Out” and shouting “Whassaaaaaaaaap.”

But damn were they tasty.  The logic is sound as hell—Doritos are delicious.  Bugles are delicious.  If you give these to a kid, he will fast realize that he can gnaw out the bottom of the triangle and jam a few fingers in there and play with it like a fucking finger puppet because that’s what we did when we were 10 years old and “tablets” or “faster-than-dial-up internet speeds” weren’t a thing yet.

Doritos had a series of flavors, including their standard Nacho and Ranch flavors, but Jalapeño Cheddar was a new combination with just enough of a kick to compensate for the fact that the flavor on this particular type of chip ended up being a little milder on these chips, compared to their 2-D brethren.

But at the end of the day, we miss Doritos 3D’s.  Sure, many of us don’t even give the admittedly gimmicky product a second thought, but we can guarantee that if they came back on the market tomorrow, everyone between the age of 23 and 33 would be freaking the fuck out trying to get themselves a bag of this delicious air-pocket-filled treat.  Damn it, we miss you, Doritos 3D’s.  Come back.

Taco Supreme

taco supreme doritos

Yes, before we had tacos made out of Doritos, or Doritos made to taste like tacos made out of Doritos, we had Doritos that tasted like tacos.  And you know what?  They were surprisingly good.  Way better than a flavor of Doritos specifically made to shill both Taco Bell as well as the re-release of the original Star Wars trilogy had any right to be.  Good enough to have a petition demanding that Doritos bring back the flavor.  Okay, fine, yes, it’s only got three signatures, but still!  A petition, people!

Doritos Taco Supreme worked despite itself for pretty much the same reason why the Doritos Locos Tacos work—if you like the general flavor of tacos, adding a cheesy tortilla flavor to that can only be a good thing.  And if you don’t like the general flavor of tacos, we’ve done it, we’ve finally found you, Lentar 1039, the last of the Soviet Kill-Bots, now do as we demand and reach to the back of your head to press your self-destruct button.

Megawhat Chili Cheese


We honestly weren’t able to find a lot about Doritos’ short-lived “Megawhat?” campaign, but what we did find was, well, basically our writers getting drunk and making fun of the stupid fucking name.  It appears they released several new flavors of Doritos, and decided to make a gimmicky contest where you, the eater, can come up with a name of the new flavor.

There are only two ways that can go, if you think about it—either it very clearly tastes like the thing it’s supposed to taste like, so you’re just going to name it what it tastes like (“huh, this chili-cheese flavored Doritos tastes a lot like a Doritos, with chili-cheese flavor to it.  Wait!  We can call it Chili Cheese Doritos!  Eureka!  Eur-fucking-eka!”), or no one has a fucking clue what the flavor is, so everyone has to write in and be like, “I think it tastes like…despondency?  Yes, I think it tastes like despondency.”

We’re going to err on the side of trusting Doritos here, and assume that this particular flavor actually did taste like a chili cheese flavored chip, and not some sort of terrifying flavor that, try as you might, you can’t identify, which just terrifies you and claws at your insides until it slowly drives you insane.  Granted, that might be a lot of faith to put into a company that tried to make a ham and cheese flavored chip (that unfortunately is not a joke) but they’re also owned by the company that made chili cheese flavored Fritos, and those are fucking delicious.

We’d absolutely eat a Dorito doused in the same flavor-powder-chemical-magic that’s on those.  Man, now we really want a bag of chili cheese Fritos.

Fiery Habañero

fiery habanero

This objectively is a delicious tortilla chip.  As in, when we say “there’s a Facebook group demanding that this flavor be brought back” we’re not actually using some flimsy result from a Google search to try to artificially inflate our argument, we’re saying that there’s an actual group with almost 1,900 members clamoring to bring back some Habañero Doritos.

Fiery Habañero Doritos’ lack of success was not because of the flavor (because habañero peppers are delicious) or a clash of flavors (who wouldn’t want to eat spicy Doritos, other than people who eat boring food and people with ulcers?).  It was simply that this beautiful, wonderful chip was ahead of its time.

We’ve mentioned previously that spicy food has become exponentially more popular in our collective culinary enterprises, but back in 2005, when these chips came out, we were only just starting to embrace spicy Cheetos as the magical, finger-staining gift that it was.  We weren’t talking about habañeros, or scotch bonnet peppers, or ghost chilies.  We were living food lives, tittering that, “Golly, you’re flavoring it like a jalapeño pepper?  Goodness to Betsy, how can my taste buds survive?”

But we’re past those dark days, America.  We love our spicy food like we like our women—making us cry, don’t you see Sharon, I love you, I’m sorry I can be open with my feelings now just please taek meapaepghiap agpeh aehipgstop it iapghoepaghpeag you don’t’ dpagheapgadon’t deny my love apgheipaoghap ghepaigaep oh god OH NO DON’T TAKE ME AWAyhwsph

Woah, sorry there, that was, well, the page loaded strangely.  We didn’t just drag one of our writers kicking and weeping out of the room and assign the rest of this piece to a different writer, telling him to make a joke about the whole thing so that people will think that the joke site just made another funny.  Funny funny jokes.  Yay funny fun times.

Anyway, the point being, a Habañero Doritos is a magical thing, and we need it back in our lives.  Until then, we’ll have to be content with the Doritos Habañero flavored “Dinamita”, which is a Doritos rolled up into a tube (so, basically, their attempt to make a knock-off version of Takis).



This flavor just makes common sense, and the fact that this was on the market and didn’t immediately change the Doritos choosing conversation from “cheddar or cool ranch” to “cheddar, cool ranch, or guacamole, oh, who am I kidding, let’s get all three, fat people die happier” means that we failed the Frito-Lay corporation as a society at some point in time.  These were discontinued around 2006, meaning that we really shat the bed as far as Doritos flavors in two consecutive years, if you go back to the Habañero fiasco of 2005.

Why would sales for Guacamole Doritos be lax enough to warrant discontinuing the flavor?  We, as a species, as a collective writhing mess of shared experiences and customs, love guacamole.  It’s delicious, and everyone who doesn’t pay an extra two dollars to get a teaspoon worth of guacamole on their massive Chipotle burrito is rightly condemned as “doing it wrong” by every other customer in the establishment.  And Doritos, in their very heart and soul, are little more than a flavored tortilla chip.

So why deal with the middle man?  Even if it only tastes slightly like avocado and salt, that’s better than 90% of chips out on the market!  We’d just rather eat a Guacamole Doritos than another fucking bag of vinegar and pucker face or whatever the fuck they flavor those fancy bags of chips you see in delis with.  And yes, this one has a Facebook group demanding it be brought back as well.  Because ya done goofed, America.  Ya done goofed.

Salsa! And Salsa Verde!

salsa verde doritos

This is the same concept as the previous entry, but with a flavor that is even safer to assume that people will eat.  There are some people that don’t like guacamole, and occasionally they manage to even make it to adulthood without being banished from their town and forced to forage in the woods, befriending wolves who ultimately will betray them as soon as food grows scarce in the winter.  But salsa is the most popular condiment in America!

Well, apparently mayonnaise is, but if you had read that last sentence and seen a link embedded there, you would have taken us for our word on it.  You probably wouldn’t have clicked it, but still would have taken it for face value and believed in your heart of hearts that we were telling you the truth.  Actually, fuck it, we can actually find a few sites that say that salsa is the top dog amongst condiments in the US, here’s a link and everything, we are Gods we create our own truths.

Basically, everyone likes salsa, or at least tolerates it enough to have no qualms eating it in Doritos form.  So the fact that Doritos released a Salsa and Salsa Verde flavor, and then decided to pull it off the shelves, is inconceivable to us.

Did they not know how to market it, or did they only make it available in stores whose clientele aren’t allowed to chew their own food, so they have to mash it up in a blender with some water so they could drink it like a Doritos smoothy, because eww, a Salsa Doritos smoothie sounds disgusting, but Salsa Doritos sound amazing, and why are you leaving these important decisions up to such a tiny and specific portion of the population?  You monsters, give us our Salsa chips back!

Give us all of these back!  We demand more Doritos!


45 responses to “Discontinued Doritos Flavors Too Beautiful For This World

  1. I remember guacamole doritos befor ethey were discontinued. I also remember the original taco flavored doritos that came in an orange bag the same color as those Fiery Habanero dorites. Taco flavor as always been pretty good, but then they renamed it to Locos Tacos, and it still tastes exactly the same. I also liked the half-and-half ones. There were multiple versions of this, but my favorite was one that was colored white & orange ont he bag. Can’t remember the name for the life of me though, sadly enough.. :\

  2. I still miss Guacamole Doritos! I remember the first time I tried them. I was in middle school, and this girl had got some in her lunch. At first, she was put off by the green color, but after she tasted one, she said they were really good and started passing the bag around for everyone at the table to try. They quickly became my favorite chips!

    I also miss the three different Degree Burns ones (2nd Degree was my favorite, but I liked them all). I still like the Flamas flavor, but it is very hard to find now and will probably disappear completely one day. I don’t know why, but really hot chips never seem to stick around for long, only mildly hot ones do. 😦 Oh well.

  3. Please bring salsa verde Doritos back omg please please they are the best

  4. lionel.haverford@gmail.com

    The one great flavor I would have included on this list is Smokey BBQ.

  5. So fun story: I just got back from Guatemala and when I was there I discovered these amazing Doritos called “Verde Radiante” long story short, they’re the Salsa Verde Doritos. So they still exist. Just not in America. And they’re the best Doritos I’ve ever eaten(:

  6. TEXAS TANG !!!!

    incredible flavour…. 90’s…. miss it so much…..


  8. Please bring back the 3d nacho flavored Dorito. My husband and I even chased the Dorito truck to the plant and bought cases when we could not find them in our stores. I haven’t had a good sandwich since I lost my 3d nacho doritos. Also, the Frito bandito would be fun to bring back for us boomers! Thanks again! Long live Doritos! I promise you will increase your sales!

  9. I wanted to let everyone know that you can buy the Doritos 3d in Mexico it is in a yellow package and it is Queso flavored,I got some back in June 2015 if you go on Amazon or Ebay you can find them but at those prices may just be cheaper to fly there and fill a suitcase.

  10. You forgot Smokin’ Cheddar BBQ Doritos. They were discontinued, but it was the best foodgasm I’ve ever had.

  11. Are spicy street tacos still selling??????? im addicted to them

  12. I want the guac ones back omg with a Coke that’s all I ever eat ;( bring them back

  13. I love Doritos but there was a time when they were made less salty. Now all I taste is salt and a garlic powder aftertaste. I don’t like that. I loved the hot ones and the guacamole was not bad. I like the Ketchup flavor too.

    • Kill yo-self its a chip I want bold taste otherwise what’s the point… Everything shouldn’t be healthy…Lol I’m sorry I’m fake attacking u because I’m afraid they might listen…lol

  14. I loved the sonic sour cream flavor i ate them everyday. Please bring them back if just for a little while….

  15. Bring back the sour cream and onion flavor please…Me & 2 or 3 of my friends would ride our bikes through dangerous snake infested woods to get one lil .25 bag out of a vending machine wit a purple passion can of grape soda lol every week & play video games at the laundromat

  16. Brittney Horne

    The salsa doritos are the best. Please bring them back. Hands down they are the best. I would go to school with a bag everyday. I really miss them.

  17. We still have the Salsa Verde DoritOscar in Fayetteville,AR @ you guessed it Walmart

  18. You forgot about pizza hut doritos. Those were in the 90s and insanely delicious. I also loved the Buffalo ranch.

  19. what about the Doritos dinamita does anyone know where they have them at

  20. I NEED GUACAMOLE DORITOS! Just one more time! I went searching everywhere for them!

  21. the cheeseburger doritos were literally the greatest thing ever…. too bad they weren’t commemorated on this list!

  22. Is it true that Cool Ranch Doritos & Cooler Ranch Doritos have been discontinued? ?

  23. True or false has the Frito-Lay company actually discontinued cool ranch and cooler Ranch Doritos?

  24. I want the Poppin Jalepeno Doritos! Why can’t they offer them on a website where we can buy the ones we love? It’s all the same chip with a different flavor, shouldn’t be too difficult as long as there was a minimum purchase amount. They couldn’t be sold by one bag but a maybe by the case.

  25. The flaming hot doritos from the 90’s. Bring those back, along with the fiery habanero. They can discontinue to toasted corn doritos.

  26. Please bring back the fiery Habanero I loved those ones

    • Yeeeeeesssssssssss, let’s force them to bring them back!! I would eat a bag of fiery habenero doritos by myself every 2 days. I was devastated when they weren’t on the shelf anymore. …just crumpled on the store floor sobbing in front of all the not fiery habenero chips. Come to think of it… do you think the reason they left the shelves was because they had illegal substances in them, and they got caught? I wouldn’t be surprised.

  27. GIVE MY BACK MY HABANERO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. give me back my Habanero Doritos with the red “toro” on it.. before the fiery habanero ones. they where so bomb!!!! and perfectly spicy.

  29. Can’t believe that Frito Lay hasn’t come up with a way to get customers the chips they want, directly. Fiery habanero was awesome and should be brought back full time or seasonally. Or at least if they’re going to discontinue it, they should announce it months ahead of time so we can stock up on them. Seriously. Blazin’ Buffalo and Ranch flavor is incredible too but its not offered anywhere near me. Same thing with Tapatio. Why get us addicted to these awesome flavors and the discontinue them? It makes no sense. I don’t even like Nacho Cheese or Cool Ranch as much anymore. They’re so blase as opposed to the spicier flavors. These guys need to learn to listen to their customers.

  30. i liked the midnight jalapeno popper flavor. But the idiots stopped it. Wtf is wrong with you people??!! Do you only think about what you want? Or do you think about where your money comes from? That is what takes you from a food company and changes you to just another conglomerate h

  31. So if you don’t like Doritos Locos Tacos chips, do you at least like the REAL locos tacos from Taco Bell at least? I thought I liked the taco itself when I tried it for the first time.

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  33. Does anyone remember one that was in a clear bag and it was called white cheddar and salsa

  34. Your a complete idiot. Locos tacos Doritos were by far the best flavor of Doritos ever made. lays never should have stopped making them .

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