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America Fun Fact of the Day July 31st- July 31st in American History

“End of July, end of the week, end of me caring.  Just post one of those day in history dealies.”

~Johnny Roosevelt

As July comes to a close, Americans are in the middle of Bar-B-Q season.  Meat is being seared by greenhouse gasses and it tickles us pink at the AFFotD offices.  So much so that we just use the term “tickles us pink” without a hint of irony.  And we hate that phrase as much as you do.  Trust us.

Sundays are for grilling.  Today is Sunday.  So we’re not going to waste our time writing about “things” so instead we’ll just write about American things that have happened today in history.  Because we are obsessed with the past, and are haunted by things we cannot change.  Those hollow eyes.  They once saw, now they are blind.

Wait, what?

Today’s Day in American History

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The White House

“It, um, well it is…pretty nice.”

~President Barack Obama


While we in the America Fun Fact of the Day offices prefer to talk about historical American buildings that look like genitalia, there are certain buildings that define America, even if they don’t like anything funny.  Well, granted, the Capital building sort of looks like a boob if you squint at it…


 …but one of the most iconic buildings in America is, and always will be, The White House, the home of America’s president, and likely the origin of the term, “Papa gets swag.”

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Andrew Jackson Will Shoot You in the Face

“How have you not done a fun fact about me yet?  I ought to duel the shit out of you for that.”

~Andrew “Old Hickory” Jackson

Every day, Americans deal with opposition, antagonization, and frustration at the actions of their fellow man.  Some of us bite our tongue and move on, choosing to take the high road.  Some of us complain about perceived injustices until they feel their grievances have been addressed.  AFFotD writers just stare at the person responsible and say in an eerily intense manner, “You’re next, fucker,” while scribbling their name down on a sheet of paper labeled Enemy’s List (admittedly, this list is often vague, with entries like, “That popped collar tool who cut me in line at Costco that one time.”)

And of course, some truly great Americans just decide to shoot their problems in the face.  Americans like Andrew “Middle Names Are For People Who Aren’t Called Old Hickory” Jackson.

As seen here unfortunately portrayed by John Kerry

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