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[REDACTED] Watches Con Bro Chill’s “Born Free America”

“Wait, this…this is wonderful.  Is this a test?  What did I do to earn this?”


con bro chill

When [REDACTED], our much maligned investigative journalist, took over our servers a few months ago to use affotd.com as launching point for his Buzzfeed application, we were pretty pissed off at first.  Normally, we’d respond to such disrespect by making him talk about Cricket, or maybe force him to eat something with tofu on it.  But after some deep reflection (read as, heavy drinking) our editorial staff decided that maybe we were going about it all wrong.  You catch more flies with honey, as the saying goes, though we can’t for the life of us figure out why anyone would want to exert effort catching flies in the first place.  So maybe, instead of punishing [REDACTED], we should give him a video we know he’ll love, and allow him to write about that.

Yeah, it probably won’t do much good, and we’ll probably start giving him horrific white celebrity raps (Ron Jeremy anybody?) as soon as we come down from this Jack Daniels buzz, but at least today [REDACTED] can spend a few thousand words picking out screen grabs from a wonderfully American video.  Because look at that picture up there.  Isn’t that the most goddamn beautiful start to a video you can possibly imagine?  [REDACTED] better appreciate what we’re doing for him here.

[REDACTED] Watches Con Bro Chill’s “Born Free America”


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America Fun Fact of the Day 6/18- Saturday Image of the Week



As you know, it’s Saturday.  It’s a pretty good day, and literally slightly less than three dozen of you are turning here, asking, “Where can I get a picture to properly show my America feelings.”

Well, it’s not like we can give you a photo of a bald eagle with a goddamn blackbird riding it like a youtube video of an SUV being Ghostridden or….



Have a great weekend everyone.

Saturday’s AFFotD Image of the Week: March 12th

“Because art is better when I am in it.”

~Teddy Roosevelt

Though last week’s image of the week shows Teddy Roosevelt riding a moose, we figured that art could also accurately express the level of America that Teddy Roosevelt displays.  Of course, we were right.

Teddy Roosevelt is going to punch you in the face, and a bald eagle is just going to sit there and let it happen.  Have a good weekend, folks.