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America Fun Fact of the Day 11/13- November 13th in American History

“This daylight savings thing is starting to suck, isn’t it?”


Sundays during the late fall and early winter are rough after Daylight Savings Time has come about.  Darkness by 5?  The hell kind of bullshit is that?  Well, as the days get shorter and shorter, we can still do our typical Friday cop out and let you know what else has happened during this particular square on the calender with…

Today’s Date in American History (America Edition)

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America Fun Fact of the Day 5/29- May 29th in American History

“Who else is ready for Memorial Day weekend?  Alright, just do one of those lazy ‘This Day in American History’ things.”

~AFFotD’s Editor-in-Chief Johnny Roosevelt

As we prepare for our hyper-American Memorial Day barbeque, where we basically replace charcoal with Bacardi 151 while swapping out hamburgers and hog dogs with…well, just larger version of hot dogs and hamburgers because you can’t get much more American than grilled hamburger and hot dogs, we like to take quiet reflection on this day that has, in the past, been a Memorial Day in its own right (maybe).

Anyway, we are just going to ramble off some things that happened today, okay?

Today’s American day in American history

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