America Fun Fact of the Day 11/13- November 13th in American History

“This daylight savings thing is starting to suck, isn’t it?”


Sundays during the late fall and early winter are rough after Daylight Savings Time has come about.  Darkness by 5?  The hell kind of bullshit is that?  Well, as the days get shorter and shorter, we can still do our typical Friday cop out and let you know what else has happened during this particular square on the calender with…

Today’s Date in American History (America Edition)

1775- American forces attack Quebec, which should make Canada pretty uneasy if they stop to think about it.

1927- The Holland Tunnel opens, and we’d make a joke about it that New Yorkers can relate to, but our New York staff is spouting some shit about how the Giants beat the Patriots.

1956- The Supreme Court rules that segregated buses are unconstitutional, which like…God, why was that even a thing in the first place?

2011- AFFotD realizes that not a lot of shit went down on November 13th.

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