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America’s 10 Most Alcoholic Beers

“Beer, motor fuel, semantics.”

~American Brewers

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For years, media sources have been discussing how “Macro” beers such as Budweiser, Coors, and piss Miller have lost ground to the niche market of craft breweries (which the macro breweries buy for themselves).

There has been a lot of speculation as to the reason for this—microbrews tend to use better ingredients to make creative, delicious, flavorful beers that blow their much more watered down counterparts out of the water.  They are a new, thriving addition to an alcohol producing landscape that until the mid 2010s was remarkably stagnant.  Hell, microbrews even offer a wide variety of complex beer styles that can be paired with any meal, as opposed to Bud Light, which is only paired with Solo Cups and roofies.

Yes, all of those can explain the surge of craft beers, but if we had to guess, the main reason behind their success rests with the fact that we’re all American, and craft beers just tend to get you drunk faster.  You can doll it up all you want, but most Americans would rather spend a few more bucks on a tasty beer as opposed to a domestic brew that’s got half the alcohol.  That’s just simple economics.

So in order to celebrate America’s contributions to getting you drunk while drinking as little liquid as possible, we at AFFotD are here to present you with…

America’s 10 Most Alcoholic Beers

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IPAs Are More American Than You Would Think

Today, the hoppiest examples of this style are made by the new generation of American brewers.”

~Michael Jackson (No, the other one)

Not everything that is American was created in America.  Beer Pong, for example, has previously established Sumerian roots.  Whiskey might have originated somewhere else, we guess, we wouldn’t want to sully Whiskey’s name by verifying that statement.  Punches to the back of the head have been around since the beginning of time, but that doesn’t diminish how American it is to punch someone in the back of the head.

We mention this because we feel obligated to inform you that the American item we are going to discuss today doesn’t even have America in its name.  It has a different country.  But, all that doesn’t matter for shit, because it’s beer, so suck it up, gulp it down, and appreciate the American drunk you will feel when you drink…

India Pale Ales.

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