America Fun Fact of the Day 4/3- April 3rd in American History

“You know the deal, people.  Just post some random shit that happened today.”

~Johnny Roosevelt, AFFotD Editor-in-Chief

As we discussed in last week’s America Fun Fact of the Day, we really like to half-ass things on the weekend.  Yeah, we’ve got our vodka swimming pool and condor egg omelets to worry about, but we do try to give ourselves a moment to make sure to let you know what has happened on each Sunday in America.  So, without further ado, here is…

The American History of April 3rd in America

1776: George Washington receives and honorary degree from Harvard University.  This helped establish the American tradition of giving people college degrees for basically being famous, so both the college and the famous person can brag.  So next time you see a Harvard grad who says, “George Washington was a Harvard man” you can call bullshit.  We’ll allow it.

1790: The Coast Guard was created, establishing America’s first line of defense, after the Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force, and Boy Scouts.

1882: Notable outlaw Jesse James is killed by Robert Ford, which led Hollywood making a movie with an obnoxiously long title, which also spawned this spoof where Yogi Bear gets killed.

1948: President Truman signs the Marshall Plan, giving monetary aid to non-American countries.  Truly, it was a dark day.

2011: AFFotD writes a surprisingly short fun fact about events that occurred on April 3rd.

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