Saturday Image of the Week: April 2nd

“YES!  Perfect!  Run with it!  You glorious photoshopping son of a bitch, I KNEW we hired you for a reason!”

~Johnny Roosevelt, AFFotD Editor-in-Chief

We at AFFotD have a healthy scorn for photoshop.  While it’s useful for making obscene images of our enemies, it does seem to have a pretty strong “witchcraft” vibe to it.

But we do not have anything bad to say about today’s American Image of the Week.

Look at that, America.  Just.  Look.  At.  That.

That, friends, is a shirtless midget with a mustache riding a T-Rex while wearing a cowboy hat.  That’s right.  We took a Tyrannosaurus Rex, and decided he should be ridden by a shirtless midget.

You’re welcome, America.  Have a good weekend.

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