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Every Fictional President in Film History: Ranked (#70-61—Presidents Dealing With Conspiracies)

“I really don’t know why evil organizations want to kick me out of office…”

~The President in Like, 20 Different Movies


We’re still smack dab in the mediocre President territory in our weird, pointless article series ranking every single fictional President. But now we are in the part of our list where just about every President finds himself amidst convoluted conspiracies, coups, and good old fashioned assassination attempts.

Listen, being a movie President is not an easy job, and these guy handled themselves just fine, given the circumstances. And for those of you getting antsy at the movies you don’t really care about on the list so far, don’t worry. Our next article has First Kid!

Every Fictional President in Film History: Ranked (#70-61—Presidents Dealing With Conspiracies)  

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Every Fictional President in Film History: Ranked (#130-121—Historically Bad Presidents)

“I’m so mad I’m literally shaking.”

AFFotD Editor-in-Chief Johnny Roosevelt Upon the Discovery of the Knock-Off Film Independents’ Day


In going through every single movie President we could find, we’ve definitely encountered a lot of shitty movies as well as a lot of shitty Presidents. Like, who would have thought that they made a movie in the 1930s where the “hero” President is basically Mussolini? Well we’re continuing in our crazy ranking of all the fictional Presidents in film history, because we’re crazy people. You might wonder, is this list really definitive? Yes, yes it is. You might follow up by asking, isn’t what makes one fake President better or worse than the other the definition of a subjective list? No, we are infallible with our assessments here.

Anyway, here are some more bad Presidents, each one slightly less bad than their predecessor.

Every Fictional President in Film History: Ranked (#130-121—Historically Bad Presidents)

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