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How to Eat Lion Meat

“Of course there’s a quote about me describing the taste of Lion meat.  I’m Ernest Fucking Hemingway”

~Ernest “Fucking” Hemingway

Typically, news outlets enjoy blowing stories out of proportion if they feel they’ve stumbled upon a particularly juicy tidbit of information.  Much like a 7th grade cabal of gossipy girls, they employ the “he told me that she told me that he wants to” methods of knowledge transference.  “Jimmy’s sister told Obama’s Press Secretary told a New York Times Reporter told The Associated Press that Nancy Pelosi totally shook hands with John Edwards OMG!”  Sensationalism sells.  And one particular hot topic appears to be the consumption of a meat that we at the AFFotD want to try, just because we’re pretty sure it will give us powers.  But apparently mentioning it as a consumable food is enough to warrant death threats and the ire of a whole slew of the population.

And really, we must ask.  What the hell is wrong with wanting to eat some goddamn lion meat?

It’s either us or them…

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