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America Fun Fact of the Day 5/8- May 8th in American History


~Johnny Roosevelt, After Being Poked By a Stick

Cinco de Mayo was pretty rough on the higher ups here at the America Fun Fact of the Day offices.  We’re not here to name names, but certain descendants of certain badass presidents tried to see if they could chug an entire bottle of Tequila.  It didn’t work out too well.

Here’s the thing about Tequila- unlike Whiskey, which is a cultivated art form in America, Tequila is a foreign liquor that invades American livers like, uh…some sort of liver termites?  That’s gross.  Like we said, Tequila does weird things to American minds.

We woke up and this was our damn screensaver

Anyway, when we’re not mentally able to give you an informative fact, we always have one Sunday tradition to fall back on…no, not church.  It’s…

The American Events on the American Day of May 8th

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