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More of America’s Even Crazier Patents

“*silent, terrifying grin*”

~U.S. Patent Holders

We have, on occasion, taken a moment to look at some of the more mind-melting patents that have been approved in America.  While we support these patents as a sign of the same American ingenuity that led to the invention of the internet as a way to ensure Japan keeps itself busy inventing terrifying pornography, we also love the fact that the more imaginatively insane members of our society are the ones who are most likely to wake up in a cold sweat one night and decide, “My God, I need to invent a mechanical ice cream cone!”  Honestly, the booming patent industry is probably the reason why our serial killers have such lower body totals than their predecessors, since they’re too busy trying to invent a knife that also can be worn as a shirt to be spending as much time hunting for victims.

And where there are Americans showing their inner psychological issues in absurd, hilarious ways, we at AFFotD are here, ready to handpick some of the best and display for you…

More of America’s Even Crazier Patents


“Penises…it all looks like penises to me now…”

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