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Ridiculous Church Signs of America

“Jigga wha?”


If you’ve ever read the constitution, there’s probably some section in there about how church and state need to do their own thing.  We at AFFotD agree with that.  Too much Jesus talk makes us feel sort of weird, but honestly there’s just one religion out there that really freaks us out.  You know the one.  The one that likes fire so much.

Yup.  Zoroastrians are weird.  We’re fine with all other religions though, but we’d rather not talk about them.  Really, as long as you aren’t those goddamn Persian Zoroastrians, or the Westboro Baptist Church, we’re okay with you, but aren’t going to talk about you much.

But, while we choose not to get into religious discussions, we do appreciate it when religions try to convince people to go to their houses of worship, only to do so with hilariously accidental sexual innuendo.

Basically, this is just a veiled excuse to post funny church signs.  So enjoy.

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