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America Fun Fact of the Day 10/9- October 9th in American History

“Huh…not a lot of shit went down on October 9th.  Huh.”

~AFFotD Editor-in-Chief, Johnny Roosevelt

Some days in history are kind of boring.  But AFFotD on Sundays is always lazy.  So even on a day like, say, hypothetically, October 9th or something, when there’s very little that happened, we’re still going to present…

Today’s Date in American History (American Version)

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The Washington Monument is Very Serious and Doesn’t Look Like Anything Else. At All.

“I’m not saying I am clearly a hit with the ladies, but…*points*”

~George Washington

George Washington was part warlock, part astronaut, and 100% American badass.  His laser vision often destroyed waves upon waves of British soldiers, and his laser foresight vision helped blast a searing hole of plasma into the future to ensure that America could grow and become the country we know and love today.  So it comes as little surprise that in 1832, after much hemming and hawing among baffling political parties who were “Anti-Washington,” our fine nation decided to commemorate the memory of one of our greatest founding fathers with a National monument in the form of the world’s largest penis obelisk penis.

This is the story of that giant erect phallus.

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