America Fun Fact of the Day 10/9- October 9th in American History

“Huh…not a lot of shit went down on October 9th.  Huh.”

~AFFotD Editor-in-Chief, Johnny Roosevelt

Some days in history are kind of boring.  But AFFotD on Sundays is always lazy.  So even on a day like, say, hypothetically, October 9th or something, when there’s very little that happened, we’re still going to present…

Today’s Date in American History (American Version)

1812- “Really, nothing happened of note at all in America until 1812 on this day?  That sucks!”  Yeah, we feel ya, reader.  On the plus side, a naval battle happened on Lake Erie where the US Navy captured two British ships, so that’s pretty cool.

1873- “Holy crap, that’s like 60 years later!  Nothing between these two?”  Nope, not really.  But the U.S. Naval Institute was established, so that’s cool.

1888-  The Washington Monument opens to the public, who remark that it in no way looks like a penis.

1919-  After the Black Sox scandal, the Cincinnati Reds win the World Series. You probably heard about it in that movie, Field of Dreams.

2011-  Something about America Fun Fact of the Day.

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