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Air Shows: Americanly Crazy, or Just American?

“Shit yes I enjoy those things, who the fuck do you think you’re talking to?”

~Chuck Yeager

What does America like in its entertainment?  Nudity?  Well yes.  But barring that, what else?  Action?  Adventure?  The very real chance that you could watch someone straight up die before your very eyes?  Goddamn right, this is America, we like our steaks heart-attacky, we want our bratwurst gummy-bear-y, and we prefer for our entertainment to be riddled with schadenfreude.  With the recent Chicago Air and Water Show seeing 1.7 million people flock to it despite stormy conditions, then, it only makes sense that Air Shows have a special place in America’s heart.

Because even when wing walkers fall to their death we’ll still watch the shit out of them, making it the second bloodiest sport in America to get millions of excited spectators (next to football, of course).  So that’s why we’re here to celebrate the pointless recklessness that is… Air Shows.

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