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AFFotD’s Review of “Red Dawn”

“A million thumbs up!”

~A drunken Roger Ebert

Entertainment is always crafted with a certain audience in mind.  Joss Whedon creates TV shows and films to cater to feminists and nerds.  Michael Bay makes films for people who hate coherent plots but love boobs and bombs.  Ever since 2002, M. Night Shyamalan has been making films intended for recent stroke victims.

“Is that my daughter on the television tube?”

However, there is a special subset of films that are occasionally released that the AFFotD staff loves the most.  Obviously, these would be movies meant for true Americans.  While these movies are often properly lauded, occasionally they slip through the cracks, and instead of sweeping the Oscars get mediocre reviews from critics, despite being badass enough to warrant a “probably won’t be that good” remake.

We’re of course talking about the film Red Dawn, which will be reviewed in today’s issue of…

AFFotD’s Night at the Movies


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America’s Greatest Prison Breaks (Part 2)

“…Ta da?”

~G.O.B. Bluth

As we discussed in yesterday’s fun fact prison breaks never fail to capture America’s imagination.  Who among us can beat the odds and escape from that which was made to contain us?

It is with this concept in our hearts that we bring you…

AFFotD’s History of the Best American Prison Escapes Part 2

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