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Every Fictional President in Film History: Ranked (#20-11—The World Savers)

“Yeah I’m mad I made it this high too.”

~Kevin James in Pixels

presidential seal

We’ve done this 13 times already, so what’s one more? You are mired, trapped even, in a series of articles where we take every single President who has ever appeared in a movie, remove all the real ones, and then mix up what we have left to determine who was the best and who was the worst in terms of overall job performance. It’s been forever. You’ve had major life events come and pass since we started this series. You’re almost free. We’re almost free. Let’s talk about some goddamn fake American heroes.

Every Fictional President in Film History: Ranked (#20-11—The World Savers)

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Every Fictional President in Film History: Ranked (#80-71—Aggressively Neutral Presidents)

“Okay so this is the article I’m basically going to skim over in like 45 seconds? Gotcha.”

~You, the Reader

 presidential seal

While trying to rank every single President who has appeared in a film throughout the history of modern cinema, we’ve inelegantly lumped the Presidents into categories. They almost never worked. Our Disaster Presidents only included four or so Presidents who faced disasters, and our sleezy Presidents only had a few sketchy entries, and we’ve had a lot of really bad fake Presidents. But this article is going to be the most accurate. These are all Presidents who are fine. You won’t walk away with strong feelings about their role as a leader, one way or the other. We know, we can just feel your excitement.

Every Fictional President in Film History: Ranked (#80-71—Aggressively Neutral Presidents)

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Every Fictional President in Film History: Ranked (#110-101—The Disaster Presidents)

“Honestly, we elected a guy who looks like Kevin Pollak as President. We should have seen this coming.”

~The American People in the Film Deterrence


Just like time marches on with a stubbornness that cannot be defeated, so to we must continue our bold and silly experiment to rank every single fictional President who has appeared in a major motion picture throughout the history of cinema. Today’s entry has a lot of Presidents who you would still not want to see leading your country. For example, you might not have a lot of confidence in, say, the guy who thought that Greg Brady from The Brady Bunch should be his Vice President, or the President who actually is Alan Alda. But why don’t we go ahead and just start this section with the guy who nuked Baghdad.

Every Fictional President in Film History: Ranked (#110-101—The Disaster Presidents)

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