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The Guide to Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties


~Bachlor/Bachlorette Parties


Sometimes, people in America get married, which often makes taxes easier to deal with.  As a general rule, when Americans are about to make a large investment in changing their stationary, they go through various ways to celebrate this union.  Many throw lavish weddings, some people elope in secret because the husband was very good at making “too cheap to pay for a wedding” sound like “romantically whisking his bride into matrimony.”  But no matter the wedding type (shotgun) or the reason behind the nuptials (mail-order bride) one part of wedding celebrations is celebrated by every American.

That of course would be the bachelor and bachelorette party.

There is a science behind these parties, and a lot of it has to do with the magic that makes alcohol turn into happiness once it passes through your liver.  And despite specific differences between each event, bachelor parties and bachelorette parties adhere to the same American tenants.  That’s why we’re here to present…

AFFotD’s Official American Guide For Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties (for America Continue reading