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[REDACTED] Watches Things Get Flushed Down A Toilet

“Will it blend?”


 baby machine

America has a fascination watching American appliances being used in a manner that would never be needed in real life.  While most of us would never use a blender for anything more complicated than a smoothy or an affront to the culinary arts, we’ll absolutely watch a youtube video where it’s used to pulverize an ipad or a live squirrel.  Do you put bricks in your washing machine?  Of course you fucking don’t, you’re not a psychopath, but now that we mentioned that as a possibility you totally want to see that done on a machine that you personally didn’t pay money for, don’t you?

This logic applies to toilets as well, as we can see in this awesome, pointless video with horrific sound quality where an old guy just flushes a bunch of shit that isn’t shit down his super toilet.  Sit back and watch it.  No, we’ll wait.

No, keep watching, he’s going to stop talking soon.

Yes, yes, that’s 20 golf balls, keep watching.

Okay, are you done?  Good.  Because we’re enthralled by this video, and we haven’t really heard from our good pal and undercover journalist, [REDACTED] lately, we figured we’d put him in charge of going through this video and discussing each and every thing that gets flushed in unnecessary detail.  Take it away, [REDACTED].


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