Black Friday Article Suggestions

“Hung…over…just…phone it in…”

~Official AFFotD Memo

It’s Black Friday!  You’re all either getting over the excessive food and drink of yesterday, or you’re in line punching out meth heads trying to get an Xbox 360 for $99.  The teeth, America.  Go for the teeth.  That’s their weakness.

To get you through this we’re not going to “write original content” today.  Here’s a link of some of our favorite fun facts of the past year.

Steak is delicious.  Read our most viewed article (yes, even more than the homepage) about the various ways to eat steak here

Hey remember when Chicago brewery Goose Island was purchased by Budweiser and then the brewmaster there got drunk and pissed in a glass?  We do.

How many douchebags does it take to kill a hobo?  Uh, more than you’d guess, as seen in this source article for a entry.

Did someone take your shopping experience a bit too far?  ANARCHY!  ANARCHY!  ANARCHY!

Jim Bowie will fuck you up.

If you don’t know who C. Dale Petersen is, you absolutely should read this.

Are You American?

Vegans restaurants hate America, and you should too.  Behold, the birth of [REDACTED]

This bastard thinks America is doomed.  We call him Sackless McGee.

And Finally, start our tour through America’s Midwest with our American Trip Series.

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