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Wherein AffotD Yet Again Must Combat the Ways of Fortune Magazine And their UnAmerican Methods of Thought

“They’re back.  Trying to tell us what’s American.  I knew this day would someday come.”

~AFFotD Editor-in-Chief Johnny Roosevelt

Early this year, we brought to your attention a terrifying article from Fortune magazine that literally made us angry with rage.  This “article” tried to inform us what they believed to be the 100 most “American” things out there.  Of course, this largely involved nature and saluting alcohol containers that don’t’ have alcohol in them, which made us spew such vile and vitriol towards this corporation that they’ve yet to recover (we can only assume).

So while we were going through our lengthy (lengthy) enemies list,  we found that Fortune had not only survived our horrendous literary assault (we literally said that they were not American enough to drink whiskey) but they had the audacity to try to submit another100 great things in America” list.

We know what you’re thinking.  “Oh shit, it’s on.”  But before you let your righteous blood lust get the best of you… they actually did a much better job of it this time.  They sort of explained their lack of great historical figures (they’re not putting dead people in there, though somewhat ironically they put Steve Jobs in the top 20.  Hi-yo!) and they managed to put Pappy Van Winkle bourbon in the top 20.  In fact, most of this list is pretty damn spot on, especially the top 10 which has 9 very solidly American items listed.  It’s really refreshing to see someone see your critiques of their assessment of America and really work on correcting it.

That said, we’re a petty bunch, so we’re going to nitpick the shit out of this list, and just crush the 20% of list items that we disagree with.

AFFotD snark team, assemble!

“If you make fun of my spot on this list (#92) I will use my substantial power and animal-as-toilet-paper fetishes to destroy your feeble website”

Duly noted, Zuckerberg.

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