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[REDACTED] Is Forced To Watch Rodney Dangerfield Rap

“No, goddamn it, no more awkward raps by old white people!”


It’s been some time since we’ve run into [REDACTED], AFFotD’s investigatory journalist slash whipping boy.  In fact, we haven’t heard from him since we sat him down and forced him to watch Tom Hanks and Dan Aykroyd do a rap for the movie Dragnet.  But we’ve had a hard time hunting down women’s soccer games to force him to watch, so we had to justify his salary somehow, and God forbid we have him do a review of a hamburger restaurant or anything.

So, fuck it.  We’ll force him to watch the 1983 music video “Rappin’ Rodney” by Rodney Dangerfield, just, over and over again.  Ha ha, you suck, [REDACTED]

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