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MREs Will Outlast Anything in Your Kitchen

“Magic, science, magic, science, tomato paste.”

~Military scientists

America loves to eat what their heroes eat.  What’s the point of living in a Capitalistic society if you can’t buy the food that astronauts eat?  And while you can’t go out and purchase a “Firefighter’s Dinner” you can purchase a bottle of American Honey and drink it in your office’s broom closet at ten in the morning.  Which is why it is surprising that, of the various ways we can force our children to emulate our most American professions, you have to go on ebay if you want to buy our soldiers’ Field Rations.

Yes, MREs (Meal, Ready-to-Eat) have been around since 1981, and while some 99% of our population will never get to try them, we’ve spent more time and money perfecting these culinary taunting of the laws of physics than we did trying to make a pen that can write in space.

We normally would find these practically indestructible edibles pretty American on their own right, but it wasn’t until reading this article describing the Army’s efforts to create caffeinated beef jerky that we decided to have MREs jump the queue and get their own, personal Fun Fact.

MREs Will Outlast Anything in Your Kitchen

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