America Fun Fact of the Day 10/16- October 16th in American history

“Sunday- it’s the Lord’s day…to have us tell you what happened on this day in history.”

~Editor-in-Chief Johnny Roosevelt

In the words of Outkast- Hey, Ya.  You know the general deal.  It’s Sunday.  So we’re here to tell you what’s happened on this day in history.

So let’s just cut right to it.

1781- George Washington captures Yorktown in the Siege of Yorktown, no doubt using his laser vision and wooden teeth.

1875- Not Much of anything happens, until Brigham Young is founded to give students a place to not be cool.  While we can’t say that this was when white bread was invented, we can say it was when people started putting mayonnaise on it.

1882- Nickle Plate Road opens for business, which was the New York, St. Louis, and Chicago railroad.  This year was pretty boring.

1923- The Disney Company is founded by Walk Disney and Roy Disney.  To be perfectly honest, Roy got fucked over in the whole thing.

2011- AFFotD skips a whole lot of history just to get today’s fun fact posted.

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