America Fun Fact of the Day 8/28- August 28th in American History

“Last Sunday in August…no need to change things now…”

~Johnny Roosevelt

Look at that map up there.  This is the last Sunday in the month of August 2011.  This will be the last Sunday ever in an August in the year 2011.  Let that sink in.

Sunk in?  Good.  Now it’s time for the normal.

Today’s Date in American history (America Edition)

1830- The Tom Thumb races a horse drawn carriage, proving once and for all that life was incredibly difficult and boring before the Internet was around.

1845- The first issue of the Scientific American is published.  It lasted roughly three issues before they realized that its title was an oxymoron.

1862- The second battle of Bull Run occurs. something something brother fighting brother  *ominous music*

1957- Strom Thurmand begins a filibuster to block the Civil Rights act, because never forget that Strom Thurmand was an unabashed racist.

1986- An American is born in Wisconsin.

2005- Hurricane Katrina makes its landfall, making everyone who’s bitching about Irene right now feel real silly.

2011- AFFotD does a fun fact about August 28th.

One response to “America Fun Fact of the Day 8/28- August 28th in American History

  1. A GREAT American was born

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