America Fun Fact of the Day 6/5- June 5th in American History

June has arrived, and all around America people are celebrating the return of mosquitoes and sunburn.  Which is why, around this time, things start to get a little…strange.  That’s why we are here to celebrate the other strange things that have occurred in previous June 5ths of the past, in…
The American History of June 5th (in America)

1805- The first recorded Tornado occurs in “Tornado Valley”.  Since Tornados only count when they are seen by Americans, this is probably the first time a Tornado has ever occurred ever ever in the history of ever.

1837- Houston, Texas is incorporated into the Republic of Texas.  You might know the Republic of Texas as being Texas before it was in America- honestly it depends on which Six Flags amusement park you live nearest.

1851- The novel “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” first appears, leading to us not being able to make a joke about that.

1942- America declares war on Bulgaria, Hungary, and Romania, much in the same way that an attractive inmate shivs the weakest prisoner on his first day to establish himself as “tough.”

1956- Elvis debuts the song “Hound Dog” to a national audience, shocking the nation when he participates in a graphic sex act with three women and two men.  It’s a sex thing called the Hound Dog and you can probably find it on urban dictionary

2011-  AFFotD staffers say to themselves, “Damn, nothing cool happened on June 5th, huh?”

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