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Point/Counterpoint- Can American Men Do Yoga?

“Heh, downward dog.”

~Most American males

America is a country founded on the tombstones of our native population debate and discourse.  Discussion fuels change, or at the very least drunken yelling matches, and we support that.  Drunken yelling matches, that is.  Not change.  We fear change.

And of course, being stubborn, strong-willed American alcohol users, we have our fair share of office arguments.  Chunky versus creamy peanut butter?  Did the chicken come before the egg?  What’s more badass, a Bowie knife or just kidding nothing is more badass than a Bowie knife?

It is with that intrepid spirit that we delve into our Point/Counterpoint series.  This week’s topic might spark controversy, which is of course a Latin word for “cheap plow to get people to pay attention to you.”   It’s going to be a very heterosexual male centric view on a fairly popular “new age” type of exercise.  We are talking, of course, about Yoga.  Specifically, is it acceptably American for a straight American male to partake in it.  We’re excluding women for this discussion because no one has any issues with women doing yoga.  And we won’t delve into gay males because we honestly don’t know what a homosexual American male’s gym regimen is supposed to consist of, but whatever it is they’re doing it’s working.  Just ask any woman who feels self-conscious about her body after seeing an army of gay men in Lady Gaga Halloween costumes.

So that leaves us with two very opinionated members of our staff, who are here to present their views on if it is cool for a gentleman (colloquially referred to in polite circles as a “dude” or “brah”) to partake in yoga lessons.  So let us hear the sides sound off! Continue reading