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Mummified Human Body Parts On Display Throughout The World

“You’re doing what with my what!?”

~American Civil War Soldier

You know when you’re mowing your lawn and you stumble across something gross or unpleasant?  It can be pretty shocking, right?  Like, “Oh just mowing the lawn and HOLY SHIT THERE’S A DEAD BAT!”  That totally happened to one of our staff members.  He didn’t run it over, but he was tempted.

Anyway, no matter what you’ve ever accidentally stumbled across, be it dog shit or a DVD of Carrot Top: Rocks Las Vegas, you have nothing on a lone American farmer who discovered a severed arm after the battle of Antietam.  How do we know this happened?  Because unlike most sane individuals, this farmer decided to dunk the arm in brine, and it’s still around to this very day, having just been donated to a Civil War Museum.

Wait, what?  Well, time for us to launch into our newest segment…

Hey America, That’s Gross.  Stop It!:  The Severed Civil War Arm On Display At A Museum 

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