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Rodeo Clowns Are Surprisingly Badass

“Of course you wish you were me.  My name is fucking Slim Pickens.”

~Fucking Slim Pickens

Badass American professions tend to look appropriately badass.  Firefighter outfits are the envy of every five year old on the block, cops get to wear uniforms that make them 30% more attractive, and people in the Army don’t have to wear those stupid berets anymore.  Superheroes get super costumes, and porn stars wear nothing, usually you can get a good idea of what line of work someone is in by what they wear.  However, every once in a while, incredibly American professions are given somewhat demeaning appearances, and the sheer degree of don’t-give-a-fuck emanated by these professionals only goes to prove their American values.

When thinking of the most American, badass profession that requires the most demeaning, confusing costumes, there is only one group of people who fit the bill.

That’s right.  We’re talking about Rodeo Clowns.

Seen here giggling and skipping away from the Grim Reaper (in bull form)

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