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The 2014 T-Shirt Line From The Mountain (Retrospectively)

“Wait, it’s been over a year since we wrote about The Mountain?  Shit, get on it, gentlemen!”

~AFFotD Editor-in-Chief, Johnny Roosevelt

 beer shirt

We normally start off these columns saying, “By now, you probably know our relationship with The Mountain” but, in all actuality, we’ve sort of let things slip a bit in the AFFotD offices.  Normally, two, three, fuck it, four times a year, we’d see that The Mountain had a new Big Face line of shirts, or a Holiday series, and just talk about the glorious insanity that are the shirt designs made by the company that brought you a lot of funny amazon.com user reviews.  Sometimes, the head of the company (no seriously) would even check in to either snark at us or joke along with us in response to our articles.  Is this what being famous is like?  Probably not!  But either way, we always tried to check in with our pals at The Mountain to see what new brands of insanity they wanted to cover people’s man boobs with.

We weren’t particularly great about that in 2014, which is why when we went to The Mountain to see what’s up, we were greeted with a whole slew of T-shirts we hadn’t seen before.  So, naturally, it was time for us to pick out some of the more meth-is-a-helluva-drug ones and let you know about them.  Get ready, folks, these get a little weird.

The 2014 T-Shirt Line From The Mountain (Retrospectively)

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