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Official State Lottery Mottos as Euphemisms for Someone’s Junk, Ranked

“The Lottery!  Put Us In Your Mouth!”

~Fake Lottery Motto That Hopefully Has Never Been Considered

lottery balls...heh

When we set out to write an article for America Fun Fact of the Day, we’re looking to do a few things.  We’re looking to talk about something we might find very interesting, something we didn’t know about before or something we feel someone might not know about.  Or, maybe, we’re looking into food, and we want to tell you about all the horrible creations out there, or all the ways that Japan is Doing it Wrong (Goddamn it).  We are looking to, maybe with a little humor, expand your knowledge of this terrifyingly large world we find ourselves holding onto for dear life as it spins into oblivion dictated by laws we still don’t fully understand.

Today we are not writing one of those articles.  Today we are writing dick jokes.

Official State Lottery Mottos as Euphemisms for Someone’s Junk, Ranked

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