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The First Season of the NFL was Ridiculous

“You can’t both be called the Tigers. Or you can. Whatever. We’re kind of making this up as we go along.”

~Jim Thorpe, the first president of the NFL


The NFL is part of our nation’s DNA, exhibiting everything we stand for. Teamwork.  Perseverance. Struggle. Old white men punishing people when they dance too much in celebration. A shocking inability to properly handle domestic abuse. And, of course, Tom Brady’s cleft chin.

Imagining America without football is almost impossible. What would we do with our winter Sundays? Football is in the bible, you guys. “On the seventh day, the Lord kicked back a 12 pack on his recliner and watched NFL Red Zone with a close eye on his fantasy team.”

We think. Listen, just like most Americans, we like to use the bible to make our point, despite not having really “read it.” But we digress.

The point is, as much as we assume that football has always been with us, there was a time when the league was brand new and very, very ridiculous.

So let’s hop in a time machine of words and go back to 1920, where the first season of a National Football League took place.  It was sloppy as hell.

The First Season of the NFL was Ridiculous

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