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Answers To American Questions Posed By Google Auto-complete

“Wow, do yourself a favor and don’t try to Google anything that starts with ‘tranv.’  Don’t ask how I know this, just do it.”

~AFFotD Staffers

Contrary to popular belief, if you Google the word “Google” your computer will not catch fire and release all the captured souls that are used to boost processing speeds (we’re pretty sure that’s how computers work).  However, if you Google Google, you won’t find their Wikipedia entry in the first page of results.  True story.  Google as a search engine was founded in 1998, and since then it has spawned into a multi-billion dollar enterprise that is responsible for your email, search needs, and that one social media platform you forgot you once signed up for.

Of course, one of the ways that Google helps keep the pulse of this fine nation is that they tend to track what terms are most often searched, so that if you start typing a question or a search topic, it will give you some helpful suggestions as to what you think you might be looking for.

But you don’t need Google to answer your questions.  We got you, America, we got you.  With that, we introduce to your our latest segment…

Answers To American Questions Posed By Google Auto-complete

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