America Fun Fact of the Day 11/27- November 27th in American History

“Oh so we’re still doing this?”

~AFFotD Staff

So it’s another Sunday, so it’s another day to just blandly point out what has happened previous in this day’s history.  but this is the Sunday after Thanksgiving.  It normally isn’t this early.  So what we’re trying to say is…we’re still drunk.  Amuse yourself by watching this video.  Here’s the deal with…

Today’s Date in American History

1839- In Boston, the American Statistical Association was formed.  It sounds mathy, so we will pretend it doesn’t exist.

1839- In Boston, the American anti-stats Association was formed, proving that numbers are almost as stupid as literacy.

1901- The U.S. Army War College is established.  Um.  Is that a thing?

1924- The first ever Macy’s parade is held, but it shouldn’t count as it has no Garfield or Snoopy at that time.

2011- AFFotD tries purging the last of their Thanksgiving hangover.


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