The 10th Anniversary of 9/11, and AFFotD rests for the day

“No quote today.”

No doubt you know what today is if you’ve turned on a TV, looked at a newspaper, or ever had human interaction with anyone in the history of ever.  If you expected America Fun Fact of the Day to write a “fun fact” about the events of September 11th, you clearly have a fairly low opinion of our staff.  It’s a somber day for reflection on a national tragedy, and we intend to treat it with the dignity that it deserves.

We’re not here to tell us where we were the day the towers fell.  That is a personal moment for everyone, and everyone can choose with whom you wish, but we’re not here to force our own memories down your throat.

Instead, we just urge you to spend time with a loved one.  Or spend time with yourself.  You could contemplate the events and what they mean to you, or you can just treat the day like any other day.  No one has the right to determine how you treat this day except for yourself.  That’s the freedom this nation affords you, and we’ve learned that nothing can take that freedom away.

So we only ask that you appreciate this day for whatever you choose to make of it.  We’ll be back tomorrow to make inappropriate jokes, but for now we’re going to take our own advice and just live the day.

(If you run into a “truther” going on about how it was an inside job, though?  You totally should kick them in the groin.  We’re just saying.)

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