America Fun Fact of the Day 9/4- september 4th in American history

“Goddamn it, it’s labor day.  Why are you in the office?”

~Johnny Roosevelt

As you may be aware, tomorrow is Labor Day.  So not only is no one working today, but no one is even thinking of working tomorrow either.  We’re pretty much the same way.  So we’re going to do our standard...

Today’s Date in American History

1781- Los Angeles is founded as a city by 44 Spanish settlers.  They celebrated the occasion by doing a lot of blow.  A lot.

1812- The Siege of Fort Harrison begins.  Guess what war it was part of.  Just guess.

1923- The first US airship has it’s maiden voyage.  It’s called the USS Shenandoah, because we’re really shitty at naming airships.

1998- Google is founded.  The fact that it was founded this late totally just blew your mind.

2011- AFFotD really halfasses their today in history, because fuck it.  It’s labor day weekend.  Eh.

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