America Fun Fact of the Day 7/17- July 17th in American History

“…Well, post something, so long as no one gets mad.”

~Johnny Roosevelt

Last weekend we raised a few eyebrows by posting two images of the week.  “Wait, you’re not even going to tell me what we are posting?” was asked.  A lot.  Yes, two images of the week, it’s quite awful.  We’ll at least try to help you with a “Today in history” post.

Um…. There’s not much that has gone on, sadly.  In 1962 there was a nuclear bomb testing?  That’s…that’s pretty cool.  And there was the great train wreck of 1856 in…well 1856.  Lots of people died there.  That’s…less good.  Shit there’s…is that really it?  The Harvard Dental School opened in 1867, which was the first Dental School in America, which explains why we have better teeth than the Brits but…um…shit…


We hate to do this but…

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