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The Most Ridiculous News Stories Involving Bacon

“Bacon is good for me.”

~A Genius


Bacon went viral a few years back, which was very strange since bacon pretty much always is viral, because bacon is delicious.  Bacon is one of those foods that have taken active years off people’s lives, and they’ve sat there, greasy on and sweating on their death bed, and said, “Worth it.”  Saying “I love bacon” in America is like saying “I am freedom” or “I like the last season of Breaking Bad”- everyone just assumes that’s the case unless you say otherwise, at which point everyone looks at you funny because something is broken inside of you.

But like most things that people crave, bacon can drive people to do some dumb things.  And sometimes, those dumb things appear in the news.  So we’re not here to tell you about what bacon is good, and what bacon dishes are insane.  No, we’re going to tell you about what things are ridiculous that have been done that somehow involve bacon.  Strap in for a wild ride, because you’re about to get a whole face full of pure America “wtf-ness.”

The Most Ridiculous News Stories Involving Bacon

okay there guy

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