Best Sriracha-Flavored Products

“Teaching Americans to stop being pansies about spicy food since 1980”

~Huy Fong Foods Slogan


Sriracha hot sauce is basically an elixir.  It tastes good on just about anything, and the American culinary experience has improved vastly now that a bunch of restaurants have realized that it’s better to have a bottle of the stuff on their table than boring old ketchup.  Now, sriracha is considered a generic term, but let’s be honest, it’s the chili sauce that you get from Huy Fong Foods, which was founded in 1980 in America by David Tran, a Vietnamese-American immigrant who mastered his chili sauce recipe while living in Vietnam.  When the Vietnamese government began cracking down on ethnic Chinese living in south Vietnam (rude), he hopped on a freighter with three thousand refugees to make his way to America.  That freighter, Huey Fong, would end up inspiring the name of his ship when, two year, he began his hot sauce company.

The sauce was first only available at Asian restaurants in Chinatown, Los Angeles, but sales grew due to word of mouth, since it’s basically crack in a bottle.  By 2009, it had gone mainstream, and by 2012 they were selling over 20 million bottles a year.  In that time, it has come and gone as a food fad, but in its remains are the fact that, now, you can get almost anything in a Sriracha flavor.  And a lot of those things are good.  We’re going to tell you about some good things now.

Best Sriracha-Flavored Products

sriracha almonds

A few years ago, Sriracha was fucking everywhere.  We were in that “new relationship” stage where we needed Sriracha wherever we could use it, and it was an easy thing to add to any food item desperate to look “trendy.”  That said, Sriracha is so good that it we can’t even be mad about that.  Instead, we’re thankful for the following items that, yes, you can buy, and eat, and should, unless you don’t do spicy food, in which case you should really work on that because spicy food is the best.

Sriracha Bacon Lollipops

sriracha lolipops

Sweet and savory combinations are great, when done right.  But sweet, savory, and spicy?  Sign us the fuck up.  So in 2013, Lollyphile, a Texas-based lollipop company and not the specific and unsettling type of criminal you were probably thinking it was, decided to make a sweet lollipop that tasted like bacon, with a Sriracha kick.  They originally sold for $10 for a 4-pack, but apparently have since decided to knock that price down to $8.  It’s described on the website as “candied salty spicy peppery porky goodness” and we might have to lay down we just got light-headed at that description.

The question isn’t “should I buy a spicy bacon lollipop for $2 a pop” it’s “why is this not in my mouth right the fuck now?”

Sriracha Popcorn

sriracha popcorn

There are many companies that have come up with the idea of taking Sriracha and using it to flavor popcorn, including the Kettle brand.  This is because taking Sriracha and using it to flavor popcorn is an incredible idea, and it should be an option available at every movie theater in America.

Sriracha Beef Jerky

 sriracha jerkey

Here’s the thing—salty and spicy are two flavors that go together amazingly pretty much whenever you pair them together.  So yes, if you offer us Sriracha beef jerky at a gas station, we will eat the shit out of it.  This seems to be almost precision-designed to battle hangovers, or at least that’s what our currently hungover staffers say.  So, uh, hey Jack Link’s, do you want to send us some of this Sriracha beef jerky for the free advertising?  Please?

Sriracha Vodka

sriracha vodka

While we have an issue with the fact that this UV Sriracha-flavored vodka is only 30% alcohol instead of your typical 40% for a vodka, we still are all about this product.  At first, it seems like a marketing gimmick, being released as it was in 2013 when the whole “there might be a Sriracha shortage!” story sent everyone into a Sriracha-focused panic, but when you think about when you might use this vodka, it makes a lot of sense.  Would you drink a Sriracha martini?  Probably, right?  That sounds pretty good actually.  Or, how about using it for a Bloody Mary?  That’s a game changer.  Again, UV, same deal as the Jack Link’s thing, feel free to send us some of this good shit.

Sriracha Hummus

sriracha hummus

Hummus is one of those delicious things with a foreign name that we’ve embraced as American because fight us, whatever country is responsible for hummus.  Now, roasted red pepper has long been known to be the best flavor of hummus (don’t @ us), and one of the appeal of that flavor is the contrast of the hummus with the bright red peppers, as well as the little bit of spice that they tend to have.  But what else is red and spicy?  Tabasco!  Oh, but also Sriracha, which is what this article is about, and which is currently used in a whole slew of hummus spreads.  The combination of hummus and Sriracha is so inspired we’re honestly amazed that no one thought of it sooner.

Sriracha Beer

sriracha beer

We’re on record as being fans of beer, and America is on record as being willing to put anything in their beers, no matter how weird.  So of course it should come as no surprise that we love the fact that a whole slew of breweries have tried their hand at making a Sriracha beer.  There’s the above Rogue Sriracha Stout, there’s Barley Johns Stockyard IPA with Sriracha, there’s even a Sriracha Tart beer by B-52.  All in all over a dozen beers have been brewed using the spicy condiment in some way or another, which we fully and drunkenly support.

Speaking of Sriracha being a condiment, you can also find it being used in…

Every Condiment

that mayo tho

Seriously, if you can think of a condiment, there’s probably a Sriracha variation of it.  Sriracha ketchup is obvious.  Srirachi mustard, maybe less so.  Sriracha mayo is divine, and Sriracha Tartar Sauce…um, is something you can make if you’re a crazy person.  The point is, almost every major condiment out there has been enhanced, and in many cases improved, by the addition of our spicy friend.

So here’s to Sriracha, may you never have another shortage that makes everyone freak out and stockpile your bottles again!


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